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1,000,000+ drivers tested in drink-drive campaign

Friday 21st August 2015

Police officers from 28 countries across Europe conducted more than a million breath tests earlier this summer, in a weeklong campaign coordinated by TISPOL.

TISPOL’s drink-drive enforcement operation (1-7 June) resulted in 17,006 drink-drive offences from 1,124,163 roadside breath tests. Motorists were also checked for drugs, and 2,764 offences were detected.

The figures equate to around one in every 65 drivers tested, proportionately fewer than the two previous years. Like-for-like figures from 2014 show 18,391 offences from 1,168,631 breath tests which equates to around one in every 63 drivers tested. And for 2013 the figures show 14,557 offences from 869,473 breath tests, around one in every 59 drivers tested.

Aidan Reid, TISPOL president, said: “These figures show that there are still people who think it’s acceptable to drink and drive.

“Officers across Europe will continue to target drink-drivers all year round, so if you choose to take a risk by driving after drinking alcohol, then we will find you and bring you to justice because we will not tolerate the risk you pose to yourself and to other innocent road users who may be in your way.”



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