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Love Our Streets hits the road in Calderdale

Wednesday 12th August 2015

Calderdale residents are being given the opportunity to find out more about the roll out of 20mph speed limits as the council’s Love Our Streets campaign tours the borough.

Love Our Streets will see 20mph speed limits introduced in residential streets across Calderdale by 2017. The limits are already in place in 12 areas of the borough and the rollout will continue in six further phases for the next two years. Calderdale is the first area in West Yorkshire to introduce 20mph speed limits in most residential streets. 

To provide residents with more information, the campaign team is visiting a number of events across the borough to share the “facts and the benefits of 20mph”.

Paul Butcher, Calderdale Council’s director of public health, said: “In our recent survey with over 2,000 residents across Calderdale, 89% told us they backed the introduction of 20mph speed limits in residential areas in the borough.

“When asked what would help them drive at 20mph, nearly half said that other drivers doing 20mph would be the biggest help.

“Slower speed limits can help everyone, from children to older people, to feel safe and enable them to live healthy lifestyles. This mirrors the aims of the national ‘20 is Plenty’ group, who want the same for all streets in the country. 

“We know that change won’t happen overnight, but throughout the campaign we will be sharing the facts and benefits of driving at 20mph for everyone, including offers and practical tools.”


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Can I correct you there! Bristol City Council is in the final phase of implementing its city-wide 20mph implementation for residential streets which is due for completion in September. As I understand it nothing has been stopped. All that has happened is that a number of people have responded to a petition which will automatically trigger a debate within the city council about that particular petition. Nothing more.
Rod King, 20's Plenty for Us

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Whilst there is a Love our streets campaign hitting the streets and extolling the virtues or possible virtues of accepting a 20 mph limit, is there any other counter organisation, possibly with charitable status, finances or purpose that can also travel round and put forward any counter argument for not accepting the 20mph principal? Starting in residential areas may mean a more widespread ban on other roads later.

Bristol has stopped its widespread 20mph developments at this moment in time due to a 5000 signature petition of complaint against the 20mph scheme being implemented there. It's forcing the Council to look at what they are doing again.
Bob Craven lancs.. Space is Safe Campaigner

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