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Academy unveils new training dates and venues

Friday 7th August 2015

The Road Safety GB Academy has announced more dates and venues for the Road Safety Practitioner Foundation Course and one-day Behaviour Change course, and has introduced a new simpler online booking system for both courses.

The Road Safety Practitioner Foundation Course provides participants with an overview of the whole process from identifying a road safety issue, to developing an intervention and through to evaluation.

The course comprises four-day contact time broken into 2 X 2 day sessions with approximately five weeks between the two sessions. Over this five-week period participants are required to complete an assignment relating to the topic covered in the initial two-day session. A final assignment, which forms the final assessment, has to be completed four weeks after the second session.

The course will be held in Chesterfield on 12-13 August & 23-24 September, Hertford on 10-11 September & 21-22 October, Lincoln on 13-14 October & 2-3 December, and Winsford (Cheshire) on 4-5 November & 9-10 December. There is also a course in Kent which is fully subscribed.

The one-day Behavioural Change Course is designed to give road safety practitioners an insight into the world of behavioural change models and techniques, and how interventions can be developed that will look at the underlying issues associated with risk related  behaviour, and ultimately collisions.

Experienced as well as new road safety practitioners will benefit from the course, which can be used as a pre-cursor to, or an extension of, the Foundation Course.

The course will next be held in Newbury in Berkshire on Friday 13 November.

Announcing the new booking system, Cheryl Evans, the Academy’s head of training, said: “The new system enables delegates to book directly onto the course using the new Road Safety GB Academy management system.

“This will reduce the amount of administration associated with running the courses and make the booking process smoother for delegates. It will also enable us to expand the number and range of courses that the Academy will be able to provide for road safety professionals.”

For more information about the Academy training programme contact Cheryl Evans by email.

Read feedback from attendees of both the Foundation Course and Behavioural Change Course.




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