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Hackers to design new pre-driver app

Thursday 30th July 2015

Goodyear UK is to develop an app for young pre-drivers, to “improve their road sense and knowledge of the Highway Code”.

At the Goodyear UK ‘hackday’ on 14 July, experienced young computer programmers, or ‘hackers’, were teamed with children aged 11 upwards to work together over the course of an intense day to turn raw data into gaming concepts.

A judging panel of industry experts decided on the winning mobile gaming app which will be taken forward into full development by Goodyear UK, to serve as both as a fun game and tool to help improve young driver safety.

The hackday was part of Goodyear’s efforts to relaunch its Driving Academy which sets out to increase road safety knowledge at an earlier age and educate pre-drivers about the importance of road safety.

Kate Rock, PR manager at Goodyear UK, said: “Coding is so popular amongst the target generation that it just makes sense to use this approach to engage pre-drivers on the importance young driver safety.

“Driver education starts a long time before you actually get behind the wheel. It starts when you are in the car with your parents and continues as you observe driving behaviours when you’re out and about.

“The idea behind this new app is to make sure young pre-drivers get the right messages about driver safety at an early stage.”



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Excellent idea. Getting youngsters to create their own learning systems overcomes their resistance to things that are foisted on them from above.
Duncan MacKillop. No surprise - No accident.

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