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Public-spirited pupils scoop road safety award

Friday 24th July 2015

Pupils from Mere Green Primary School in Sutton Coldfield have received a road safety award for their efforts to help fellow pupils and their parents cross the road safely.

When children and parents were crossing dangerously on the busy road near the school, the pupils took it upon themselves to patrol the two crossings outside the school.

Supervised by teachers, the 14 children who make up the school council gave out campaign stickers to encourage people to use the crossings. 

The children also took part in safety consultations for the project, called ‘Be Alert, Accidents Hurt’, arranged presentations and designed posters. They also worked with police, made and sold high-visibility key rings and organised awareness-raising assemblies.

Their efforts were rewarded when they won the Transport Awareness and Road Safety Award in the 2014/15 Community Education Awards*.

Steve Hale, a teacher at the school, said: “The children really took ownership of the project.

“Our head teacher had previously raised concerns over the unsafe crossing of parents with children outside of the school gates, with limited response, and the pupils all thought it was an important and well needed project.

“Winning the award has been amazing, it’s the sort of thing which the children can take confidence from and build up their own self-esteem.”

Kiera Hackett, a year five pupil, said: “We wanted to make sure everyone - no matter what age - is aware of the massive dangers and risks involved when not crossing the roads safely. We feel great about winning this award.”

Kelly Griffiths, organiser of the Community Education Awards, said: “There is nothing more important than road safety. The children, teachers and staff at Mere Green have done an absolutely fantastic job.

“This is exactly the kind of project that the Community Education Awards are designed to celebrate. Well done to everybody who took part.”

*Community Education Awards
The Awards are an annual celebration and recognition of schools’ efforts to help children and young people become responsible community members. Affiliated to The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain, the Awards reward school projects and teachers who help improve the lives of pupils and their local communities.


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Some excellent initiative. But what a disgrace that children have to prompt the parents into crossing safely! So often have I witnessed parents crossing with infants in a risky manner such moves are certainly needed.
Derek Reynolds, Salop.

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