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Campaign delivers message to drivers and bikers

Tuesday 7th July 2015

Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership has launched a safety campaign to urge drivers and bikers to take extra care on rural roads, on the back of stats which show that 22% of the county’s KSI injuries are motorcyclists*.

As part of the campaign, which will run until the end of September, signs reminding drivers to ‘Think Bike – Look Twice’ and ‘Think Before Turning’ have been placed on several roads across the county.

Councillor Will Windsor-Clive said: “The vast majority of motorcyclists ride responsibly and understand the potential for risk in the more rural parts of our county.

“It helps to remind people that they should not only think of their own safety but the safety of other road users when driving in the countryside. The signs will act as a prompt to everyone to ensure they take care on Gloucestershire’s rural roads.”

Chris Harrison, motorcycle safety co-ordinator for the partnership, said: “This campaign has been very successful in the past and we are keen to repeat it in 2015.

“As the motorcycling season gets fully underway, we want to remind both riders and drivers of their joint responsibility to keep each other safe. We hope signing these routes acts as a clear reminder to all road users to look out for each other on all of the county's roads.”

*Footnote: of the people killed or seriously injured (KSI) between 2012-2014 on the county’s roads, 22% were riding motorcycles.


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I like the one that says THINK BIKE....BIKER THINK.

I would like to see a sign that asks bikers to think twice about overtaking as many of the incidents are on inappropriate overtakes. With HGVs now able to drive faster it may be that some bikers would be less cautious and push the envelope a little too far. I hope that it's a quiet season for bikers.
Bob craven Lancs....Space is safe Campaigner

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