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Samsung tests new ‘safety truck’

Tuesday 23rd June 2015

Samsung is trialling a new technology designed to save the lives of drivers who get impatient when they are stuck behind large trailer trucks on single carriageway roads (Independent).

The Korean company’s ‘safety trucks’ use cameras, wireless video and big screens to allow drivers to see what is coming down the road towards them, without the need to pull out.

Samsung recently published a blog post about its safety truck concept which gives drivers behind the vehicle a better view of what’s in front of them, to allow them to make better decisions about whether to overtake the truck.

Samsung says the idea stems from Argentina which has one of the world’s  highest collision rates, many of which involve passing on two-lane roads.

The safety truck is currently a prototype and not yet operational, but Samsung appears optimistic that the idea will take off.


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Here’s an ingenious idea to use technology to try to solve what is clearly a significant issue in Argentina- in a cheaper, quicker way than building dual carriageways.

My concern is that the two dimensional screen gives the following driver an incomplete picture of the road ahead. Is what the driver sees on the screen sufficient information to enable them to assess the road layout, camber and other features as well as the presence and speed of oncoming traffic to make decisions about the viability of the overtake? From the video clip, I would say not.

From what I have seen here, which I acknowledge is limited, I don’t think this is a substitute for providing a safer highway appropriate for the traffic it carries.
Honor Byford, Chair, Road Safety GB

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The problem with this as I see it is that in order for the following vehicle to ascertain for themselves that an overtake is possible they need to be closer to the HGV. Possibly only 30 ft or so away for best view. This would mean that they are tailgating and therefore may be guilty of the offence of driving without reasonable consideration. Presuming that the HGV is on a rural A road it could be travelling at near or actually 50 mph and the safe driving distance behind for another vehicle should be 175ft. That being the recommended total braking distance. Can anyone see a problem with this technology?
Bob Craven Lancs....Space is Safe campaigner

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At first sight seems like a good idea. However, is making a decision to overtake (one of the most dangerous driving manoeuvres) on the basis of looking at a big screen safe? Would it be safe to overtake if the big screen wasn't perfectly clean and clear of spray or dirt. Or has Samsung allowed for this?
Tom Harrington LL B

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There's a difference between needing to overtake and wanting to overtake because it's a challenge. Leave the ego at home when driving.
Hugh Jones, Cheshire

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Once again Hugh seems unable to understand that many drivers do actually need to overtake slower vehicles, in this example trucks that are often limited by law to lower speeds.
Idris Francis Fight Back With Facts Petersfield

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My gut feeling, without being able to find evidence from Argentina whether it works or not, is that it will only really be useful in a traffic jam during Wimbledon Fortnight.
Nick, Lancashire

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Let's hope the tv screen is turned off when the driver of the Samsung truck decides to perform a manoeuvre like a right hand turn. Otherwise I can see problems.
Gareth, Surrey

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How long before someone decides to include adverts?
Iain, Scotland

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Rather than trying 'to save the lives of drivers who get impatient..' by strangely encouraging drivers into what could still be a risky manoeuvre, a much cheaper and simpler solution might be a prominent sticker at the rear saying (Dft style): 'THINK! Is it really that important that you overtake me?' The addition of the words 'Chill out!' is optional, as is 'Patience is a virtue'.
Hugh Jones, Cheshire

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