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Drink drive film encourages people to ‘plan ahead for a safe night out’

Thursday 11th June 2015

A new video which delivers a positive message to avoid drink driving is believed to be a UK first, according to Nottingham City Council’s road safety team.

The film, produced by Nottingham City Council’s road safety team working as part of the Nottinghamshire Road Safety Partnership, shows a family enjoying a good night out but then refraining from using their cars to get home. Rather than featuring the possible consequences of drink driving the film shows the revellers going home safely by bus and taxi.

Nottingham City Council points to research which shows that “this approach is more effective than the traditional focus on the consequences of risk-increasing behaviour that often feature shocking images”. The road safety team says the film is “the first of its kind in the UK to show the positive effects of doing the right thing by suggesting that it is better to adopt risk-decreasing behaviours”.

Councillor Nick McDonald, Nottingham City Council, said: “A good night out followed by a safe journey home is easy to organise. We are encouraging people to think ahead and make use of our buses, trams and taxis to get home rather than risk driving and the dire consequences that this choice might bring.”

The film is being shown in local cinemas and can also be viewed on YouTube.


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This should be supported by the present government who should adopt a totally nil by mouth policy on drink. I am afraid that some would say that this would make more criminals but we all have the choice. Don't drink and be safer or drink and be more dangerous.
Bob Craven Lancs....Space is Safe Campaigner

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