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Road safety hits the road in Hertfordshire

Wednesday 3rd June 2015

On the back of stats showing that failing to look properly is the cause of almost half of the road accidents in Hertfordshire, the county’s firefighters are going on tour this week to give drivers the chance to test their skills at spotting danger.

Working as part of the Hertfordshire Road Safety Partnership, Hertfordshire’s Fire & Rescue Service is hosting the Road Safety Roadshow during the Chief Fire Officers Association 2015 Road Safety Week (8-12 June).

The roadshow will tour five Hertfordshire towns - Hoddesdon, Welwyn Garden City, Watford, Stevenage and Hemel Hempstead - to give local residents the chance to watch and take part in live demonstrations by the fire and rescue service, receive free advice from road safety experts and test their driving skills by taking the hazard perception part of the driving test.

Roy Wilsher, Hertfordshire’s chief fire officer and director of community protection, said: “The Road Safety Roadshow gives passers-by an opportunity to have fun while finding out more about the causes of road accidents and what they can do to stay safe on the road.

“The mix of activity on the day will mean there’s something for everyone who stops by.”


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It is really encouraging to see hazard perception training as part of the public contact programme. This is the key to success. Evidence has shown that this element of the driving test has reduced new driver crashes by 11 per cent.
Adrian Walsh RoadSafe

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Agreed Bob, so that is why we have to change what people know and understand about driving errors.
Duncan MacKillop. No surprise - No accident.

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Duncan I think I like it as it was before "failing to look properly" compared to your interpretation of it, "prediction error as a result of cognitive blindness."

I really don't think that many ordinary persons in Herts would associate their driving inability as that. I think it would be better staying as it was. Well done Herts.
Bob Craven Lancs..... Space is Safe Campaigner

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Congratulations and well done to Herts Fire Service! The people of science have spotted that 'failing to look properly' is such a significant factor in road accidents that it's something that really should be attacked with a concerted effort. Of course 'failing to look properly' is just another way of saying prediction error as a result of cognitive blindness, but at least they are starting off down the right path. Well done once again, we need more of this.
Duncan MacKillop. No surprise - No accident.

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