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Smartphone app approved by TRL

Monday 11th May 2015

An app that limits smartphone functionality when a vehicle is in motion has achieved ‘highly recommended’ status in tests carried out by TRL.

Based on its many years’ experience, TRL has developed a protocol for the evaluation of in-vehicle systems which claim to provide a safety benefit. Products are assessed in four key categories - relevance, deployment, usability and resilience – and then given an overall recommendation status.

TRL says the evaluation protocol can be used to provide independent support for the claimed benefits of products and/or to provide guidance as to how a product might be improved to enhance its potential safety benefit and usability.

The first product to be subjected to the new protocol was the ‘Driver Protection Application’ developed by Romex, which achieved highly recommended status.

Stephanie Cynk, human factors researcher at TRL, said: “Many third-party in-vehicle systems come to the market making claims suggesting that they will revolutionise safety with little evidence to support such statements.

“We are delighted to be able to provide an independent evaluation process and expert guidance on the likely safety benefit that would be achieved through a product’s use, and a recommendation status based on the outcomes of the evaluation.

“We congratulate Romex on achieving ‘highly recommended’ for their Driver Protection App.”


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