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Euro online workshop will focus on road safety education in schools

Wednesday 6th May 2015

The European Road Safety Charter is to facilitate an online workshop on the subject of road safety education in schools (11 May 14.00 CET).

The European Road Safety Charter, led by the European Commission, is a civil society platform on road safety. To date, more than 2,300 public and private organisations have committed to the Charter and implemented road safety activities and initiatives targeted at their members and employees.

The online workshop, which has been organised as part of the Third UN Global Road Safety Week 2015, will look at how to promote road safety education in schools.

Speaking about the workshop, the European Road Safety Charter said: “Early education gives children the tools they need to be safe today and helps them to assimilate road rules and attitudes that will make them more aware and responsible as adults.

“Project managers and experts will discuss prevention initiatives to make road safety part of every child’s education.”

Participants will include: Michael Chippendale, communications manager for the Global Road Safety Partnership; Jesus Monclus, general director of prevention and road safety for the Mapfre Foundation; Philippe Girardi, project manager safety and mobility for All Renault; and Martine Aitkin, project manager at the European Road Safety Charter.

Click here for more details and/or to register for the workshop.


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Surely Duncan that's Drink, Drugs and Obesity.
Bob Craven Lnacs...Space is Safe Campaigner

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Funny ain't it that there is little or no space in the curriculum for schoolchildren to learn about the thing that is most likely to kill them.
Duncan MacKillop. No surprise - No accident

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Bob Craven Lancs...Space is Safe Campaigner

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