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Discussion forum on children and cycling - session closes with seven questions answered

Monday 4th May 2015

The first of our four live online forums took place earlier today (12.00 – 13.00 Tues 5 May) and focused on the issue of children and cycling in safety.

Our three cycling experts - Elaine Beckett (London Borough of Hackney) Trish Hirst and Lynne Thomas (both City of York Council) – answered seven questions during the session.

Click here to visit the forum.

People can still submit q question by visiting the forum but the answer will not be provided in 'real time'.

Road Safety GB has also produced a simple guide giving advice about teaching children basic cycling safety. The guide is available free of charge and covers issues including the bike itself, what to wear and visibility when cycling, wearing a helmet, journey planning and knowing your limits as a cyclist.

The other online forums scheduled for this week are:

• Weds 6 May: setting up and running a JRSO scheme

• Thurs 7 May: in-car safety for children

• Friday 8 May: children as pedestrians

Other resources produced in the UK in support of Global Road Safety Week are:

• A suite of road safety resources for children - including activity sheets, maps and country profilers – which are available free to download.

• A series of simple ‘how to’ guides to help educators and others teach basic road safety to children.

• A database of road safety professionals with expertise with regard to child road safety, who are willing to provide advice and support to people in other parts of the world.



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To assist in this discussion, it may be useful to know the contributory factors in collisions involving children and cyclists.

There is a Department for Transport report that lists the top 10 contributory factors assigned to drivers in all collisions where child pedestrians were killed or injured. There is also a Transport Research Laboratory study of contributory factors in collisions involving cyclists.
Dave Finney, Slough

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