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York launches new i-Travel film

Friday 1st May 2015

City of York Council has launched a new video campaign to promote cycling, car sharing, walking and travelling on public transport in and around the city.

The launch video – the first in a series which will be produced throughout 2015 - features the actor Andrew Dunn, known for his roles in Coronation Street and Dinnerladies. and has been written by Bafta award winner script writer Jimmy Richards, both of whom are from York.

The first film, 'A Grand Ride', focuses on cycling and is timed to coincide with the inaugural Tour de Yorkshire, which will be hosted in York this weekend (2 May). The film recreates the famous Hovis advert and features the local York Railway Institute brass band playing Dvorak's New World Symphony.

The films are part of the i-Travel York project which was launched in May 2013 to provide tailored travel advice to residents in the north of the city - to encourage them to consider alternative travel options such as cycling, car sharing, walking and public transport.

i-Travel York was made possible by £4.6m of government funding and the project’s success contributed to the award of a further £1m grant to sustain the programme until March 2016.

David Short, i-Travel York programme manager, said: “We know that more residents than ever are reconsidering their travel options. Feedback from our recent door-to-door exercise in the North of the city found that 24% of participants said they are now using their car less and that the sole reason was because of the i-Travel York programme.

“We also know from cycle counters across the city that cycle journeys increased by 35% between 2008 and 2014.”

Andrew Dunn said: “As a York resident I know it’s not always easy travelling around the city so anything which helps get the message out there that there’s support for people to try cycling or catching the bus more, I’m happy to be a part of.”


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Wouldn't want to be accused of being a pedant - it may be a football ground but they were playing Rugby Football!
Nick, Lancashire

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A well produced video. Good to see that at least somebody made it to the football ground in a Range Rover so the traffic couldn't have been all that bad could it?
Duncan MacKillop. No surprise - No accident.

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