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DfT’s road collision website to close

Monday 16th March 2015

The DfT has announced that the ‘English road safety comparison’ website is to close because of “low site usage” and because the information is readily available from other sources.

The website was launched in March 2013 to provide a detailed collision map, showing the precise location of the sites where injuries have occurred on the English road network.

The website also provides comparative statistical data on accident rates for each local authority, alongside their expenditure and other demographic data that could impact upon local road safety.

The DfT says since the launch of the website, which receives around 1,200 users per month, a number of similar collision maps have emerged on the market, including CrashMap.

After the site closes on 27 March, the data will continue to be publicly available in a number of alternative locations.


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Why would anyone ever have expected high rates of usage?
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