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Partnership initiative teaches ‘crucial’ life skills

Tuesday 10th March 2015

Approximately 1,500 children from 48 primary schools are acting out lifesaving scenarios as part of Halton Borough Council's Crucial Crew event.

The annual event, organised by Halton’s road safety team and funded by Halton Safeguarding Children Board, is for Year Five primary school pupils and is being held from Monday 2 March to Friday 13 March.

The children are involved in eight scenarios provided by partners from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust, the Safer Halton Partnership, and the council’s Children’s Safeguarding Board, Travel Training, Sports and Recreation, Road Safety and the Health Improvement teams.

By making the links between a number of different agencies and education, Crucial Crew aims to teach children in a fun and interactive way to: become more aware of personal safety; make a contribution to crime prevention and avoid being a victim of crime; know what to do in an emergency; foster good citizenship; and actively contribute to their health.

Councillor Ged Philbin said: "Crucial Crew is an awareness scheme which has become a regular fixture to the school calendar, promoting personal and safety education messages to Year Five children.

"This kind of information can save lives. And making it fun and entertaining makes it much more likely to sink in."


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Great idea. I have been interested in First Aid all my adult life. Any initiative that gives life skills is worthwhile. I hope that they never have to use them but if they do that they can make a difference.
bob Craven Lancs...Space is Safe Campaigner

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