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THINK! unveils new mobile phone resources

Monday 23rd February 2015

The THINK! team has created a set of new resources to be used by road safety officers and other stakeholders to dissuade drivers from using their mobile phone while driving.

The set of three A3 and A4 posters and an A6 postcard are aimed at all drivers, but particularly those aged 17-24 years who have the highest reported use of driving with a mobile phone.

The message is particularly focused on texting and use of social media, rather than making phone calls, in order to resonate with younger drivers and reflect the increase in use of smart phones.

The creative treatment sets out to influence driver behaviour by requiring people to actively engage with the posters to identify both images. By doing so, they are designed to allow the viewer to experience the effects of driving and using their mobile phone, and demonstrate that it’s hard to do two things at once. Effectively, the message is, “You can’t concentrate on the road and your mobile phone”.

The resources include an A6 postcard to be handed out to drivers, which explains the law around driving with a hands-free and handheld phone -  and the penalties if caught using a handheld phone while driving.

The resources are available for RSOs to order from the THINK! online shop, or alternatively the artwork can be downloaded from the THINK! Download site.


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Long term fix, make it mandatory to fit a hands free kit and to use it, higher penalty points if not using it. Reduced insurance premiums if compliant.
Joe Leech, UK.

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I wonder whether the purchase of a hands free set at under £20 and its application or at least availability for use may be considered as a requirement for the vehicles MOT certificate.
Bob Craven Lancs....Space is Safe Campaigner

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