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ICEbelt will assist emergency services

Tuesday 27th January 2015

A mother from Buckinghamshire has developed a new product that provides a child’s ID, medical information and next of kin contact details within a seat belt sleeve.

The ICEbelt (In Case of Emergency) child’s seat belt sleeve provides information to help emergency services personnel to carry out their assessments as they arrive at the scene of a collision.

The ICEbelt has been developed by Faye Robson, a mother of two, and founder of ICE Seatbelt Sleeves Ltd.

Faye Robson said: “It crossed my mind many a time when my children were being driven in cars by myself, my partner, family or friends that if there was a road traffic accident and the driver was unable to provide vital information, my children’s identity would be unknown.

“The delay in identifying my child, or any other child in the car, could be life threatening, particularly if the child suffers from medical problems, allergies or they are on specific medication.

“Furthermore, if my child was travelling with family or friends I would know nothing of the emergency situation until much later when my child’s identity had been determined.”

After a fruitless search to find a product that would solve this problem, Ms Robson decided to create the ICEbelt with the assistance of her father, a retired director of a Japanese owned manufacturing plant.

The ICEbelt has been tested to BS EN 71 Part 3:2013 to safeguard against toxicity from the material dyes.

Faye Robson added: “Several UK supermarkets have been informed of the ICEbelt and we hope it will be seen on the shelves of all the major retail chains in the near future.

“Additionally, the ICEbelt will be available to purchase online from our website by mid-February 2015 for £6.99 plus P&P.”



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I reviewed the ICEbelt for our mums group, The Meet Up Club MK. I fully recommend this product and will be sharing the information with the group. Fantastic idea.
TheMeetUpClub MK Milton Keynes

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This is a brilliant idea and should be very popular and could save lives, good luck with it.
Sheila Cuthbertson Newcastle upon Tyne

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Yes I thought that Duncan but the child's photo is inside so guessing that will stop most misidentification.
Iona Grant

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The ICE initiative is invaluable, this product will further promote the importance of having your ICE in your phone or wallet!
Mr Greg Henry

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Assuming of course that the same child always sits in the same seat as the pack.
Duncan MacKillop. No surprise - No accident.

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I'm so pleased to see Faye's great idea come to fruition, not least as I am a former paramedic, but also as the founder of ICE (In Case of Emergency) for mobile phones. This idea of Faye's will bridge another hidden gap for that rare unforeseen event.
Bob Brotchie - Newmarket, Suffolk

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Nice comfy comments so far. Maybe the ladies would like to comment on some of the other articles within the RSGB website?
Derek Reynolds, Salop.

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What a brilliant idea. I'll be buying one of these for my son as soon as it is available.
Sarah, North London

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What a great idea for childminders who have children in their car who aren't theirs. Fab idea.
Julie Milton Keynes

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An essential for every car with kids!
Jennifer, London

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This is a great idea. I will be ordering 2 and telling all my friends.

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Brilliant idea and should be obligatory just as a car seat and seat belt are necessary. Looking forward to seeing this in the shops.
Nicola, MiltonKeynes

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