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Monmouthshire bikers offered free training

Tuesday 23rd December 2014

Monmouthshire County Council is offering free training sessions to enable young motorcyclists to enhance and refresh their riding skills.

The RideSafe course covers positioning, speed and observation and is intended for young people who have passed their compulsory basic training test (CBT).

Courses will be held at three locations during January, February and March 2015.

Councillor Bryan Jones, cabinet member with responsibility for road safety, said: “Motorcyclists are 55 times more likely than car drivers to be killed or seriously hurt in a collision, so the RideSafe course is a vital step for young motorcyclists who wish to travel safely and responsibly.”

The free courses are being organised by Carolyn Derosaire, Monmouthshire’s road safety officer.




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A difficult group to engage with, I would be keen to know how successful this is. Over many years we have offered various versions of this, all of which have not been taken up. As a local dealer put it, these people aren't bikers, their bike is no more than a personal bus....they have no real interest in the vehicle or culture. I hope it goes well for Carolyn, if it does...please tell us how!
Iain Temperton

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Personally I would like those courses to be urban placed with perhaps the last one maybe out in rural areas. Although most deaths are in the country most dangers are faced on urban roads with lots of other traffic and other numerous hazards. That causes about 70% of all twv incidents and about 50% of all incidents involving another vehicle in the urban environment. After all if they have had a CBT they have only had at best 2 hours tuition on a road.

I wish them well and that they can identify their target participation group and subsequently do a scientific based follow up. Maybe from 1 to 3 years or more. We need this info. Not just after course responses.
Bob Craven Lancs Space is Safe Campaign...

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