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Campaign warns drink-drivers of ‘permanently silent nights’

Monday 8th December 2014

A festive campaign from Slough’s road safety team uses the carol ‘Silent Night’ to warn motorists they could silence themselves or an innocent road user forever by choosing to get behind the wheel after an alcoholic drink.

Adverts showing a gravestone under the caption ‘Silent Night’ are appearing on social media sites and posters are being put up in pubs, bars and public buildings across the borough.

Keith Beasley, road safety officer for Slough Borough Council, said: “While we want everyone to have a good time, we urge people to leave the car behind if they’re drinking even the smallest amount of alcohol, or designate a driver for the evening.

“There are plenty of other options for getting home after a night out, whether it’s a taxi, bus, train or a lift from a non-drinking friend – choose one of them instead.”

Councillor Sohail Munawar added: “I’m pleased to see such a hard-hitting message from Slough’s road safety team, reminding people of all they stand to lose when they make the stupid decision to drink-drive.”


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