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Big hike in website traffic during November

Wednesday 3rd December 2014

For a second consecutive month traffic to the new-look Road Safety GB website reached record levels in November 2014.

Both the number of visits and visitors to the site were significantly up on the previous record levels set in October 2014. November is the fourth month during 2014 when record traffic levels have been achieved.

The site received 26,259 visits in November, an increase of 6% compared to the previous high of 24,739 in October 2014.

At 18,578, the number of visitors was also a new record by some distance – a hike of 11% over the October 2014 figure (16,670).

The most read news stories in the month were those relating to the THINK! 50th anniversary drink drive campaign, and a call from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health for a a suite of measures to improve the state of child health.

Compared with November 2013, the number of visits and visitors to the site in November 2014 were up 21% and 30% respectively.




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The page views may be going up but the quantity of comments is going down! I would have thought that there would be a much more vigourus debate on the various press releases considering how vacuous some of them are.
Duncan MacKillop, Startford on Avon

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Strength to strength Nick. The website looks great, it's easy to navigate. Well done to all at the web team!
Alan Kennedy, Durham

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