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Scottish Government launches active travel vision

Friday 21st November 2014

Keith Brown, Scotland’s transport minister, has unveiled the Scottish Government’s long-term vision for active travel in Scotland to 2030.

Developed jointly by active travel stakeholders and Government ministers, the vision aims to encourage more people to walk and cycle for everyday shorter journeys. It focuses on areas such as infrastructure, transport integration, cultural and behaviour change, community ownership and planning.

Keith Brown said: “This vision sets out how we hope Scotland will look in 2030 if more people are walking and cycling for short, everyday journeys allowing us to reap the benefits of active travel.

“It goes without saying that cycling and walking benefits the individual by improving their physical health, but also their mental health, and keeps their transport costs down whilst also benefiting the environment by reducing greenhouse gasses and pollutants.

“The Scottish Government aims to get more people making active travel choices to improve their health and the environment. During this year and next we are increasing our expenditure on cycling and walking infrastructure by a further £27 million to deliver projects that promote active travel for everyday journeys.”

Ian Findlay, chief officer of Paths for All said: “More people walking and cycling for regular journeys will result in a healthier nation in body and mind. We’ll breathe cleaner air and live in more attractive, prosperous, safe places.

“This can only happen if Scotland prioritises improving the infrastructure and environment for people to walk or cycle, as well as encouraging people to change travel behaviours.”



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It somehow fails to mention what I realised when I bought a bike 24 years ago - the very real risk of being killed or falling off and breaking bones.
Idris Francis Fight Back With Facts Petersfield

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