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Steer clear of ‘Blue Christmas’, drink drive campaign warns

Thursday 13th November 2014

A new festive drink drive campaign reminds drivers that it is all too easy to fall from a responsible and highly regarded member of society to a convicted drink driver – in the flash of a blue light.

The campaign, created by the Morning After team, is available for road safety teams to purchase and use over the 2014 festive period.

It is intended as a reminder to drivers who are normally responsible, not to risk a drink drive conviction by driving after having an alcoholic drink – or the morning after a heavy drinking session – particularly during the festive period when many people drink more than they normally would.

The campaign targets both male and female drivers, picking up on a report published earlier this year which highlighted a “growing problem” with women drink driving. The report, ‘Women and Alcohol’, suggests that road safety messages should emphasise that drink driving is not just a male problem.

The campaign artwork is available immediately for road safety teams to purchase from £395 plus VAT. Contact Sally Bartrum on 01379 650112 to order or for more details.


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Thanks for your endorsement for this campaign. Fully understand your comment about cost but just want to make it clear to readers that we do not receive any funding for our 'morning after' campaign and as such have to make a charge for the creative concepts and resources we produce. We'd love to make them freely available but as a commercial organisation simply cannot afford to do so. We hope the charge of £395 plus VAT is considered reasonable, given the time that goes into developing and supporting the campaign.
Sally Bartrum, Morning After campaign manager

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Fully support this type of intervention, but dismayed at cost of artwork. As a dept we do not have a budget for this but feel it would be benificial. These type of things should be freely available - I understand costs involved but government funding should be made available.
Alan Faulds - Stirling

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Tim - sorry not clear. I am concerned both about the people they might injure if they are less capable than they think, and also about the sheer stupidity of taking the risk of being prosecuted and banned because they seem to think that as long as they can still drive safely they will not be caught. I would have no sympathy at all if they were caught.

I was stopped by a road patrol several Christmases ago and asked if I had had a drink. I replied - yes, a small glass of wine with dinner two days before. They then seemed more interested in discussing my party political bumper stickers!
Idris Francis Fight Back With Facts Petersfield

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Idris, I am not clear on your point. Are you concerned for the safety of these people or the perception that it would be unjust if they were penalised?
Tim Philpot, Wolverhampton

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I have long been concerned by people who would certainly consider themselves to be law-abiding and sensible who admit that they drink enough to be over the limit when they set off home, apparently believing that they are safe drive. They (appear) not to understand that even if they drive perfectly safely they could be involved in an accident that was entirely someone else's fault or that the almost inevitable breath test that followed take no account of who's fault it was.
Idris Francis Fight Back With Facts Petersfield

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