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Motorcycles - the fleet vehicles of the future?

Thursday 9th October 2014

Honda UK has become the first manufacturer in the country to introduce a specialist motorcycle fleet dealer network to provide support and advice to business customers.

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) says this new service will “emphasise the many benefits of doing business on two-wheels” which include “high fuel economy, low running costs, low CO2 emissions and increased productivity”, as motorcycles take less time to move through traffic.

MCIA also points to a CBI survey which predicts that journey times will increase by 50% within a generation. 

Steve Kenward, CEO of the MCIA, said: “Congestion will be an increasingly compelling reason for businesses to look at alternatives to four wheels for their fleet vehicles.

“The MCIA has been involved in pulling a number of strands together to make this a viable proposition, including developments in training and safety. We are delighted to see such a responsible manufacturer entering the fleet arena, which I think will result in exciting times ahead.”

MCIA points to what it describes as “a number of successful examples of motorcycle fleet operators” including the police, ambulance service, AA breakdown services and Blood Runners, who courier life saving products between NHS hospitals out of normal working hours. 

MCIA says that fleet operators will be able to find quality trainers more easily, thanks to two new courses it introduced earlier this year.



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With pressure to reduce costs many services that were delivered at the service providers establishment are now being delivered in the home or in communities. Local authorities & health services are likely to be amongst the biggest employers in an area and many of their employees will be making regular short journeys by car.

The benefits in reducing congestion, less impact on the environment, will benefit everyone, the reduced delays and shorter travelling times obviously benefit the employer.
Any benefit has to be balanced against the increased risk but with an increasing population and the effects that will have on congestion the benefits will grow.
Chris Harrison Gloucestershire

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Rather them than me. No way.
Idris Francis Fight Back With Facts Petersfield

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I wear good quality kit that is perfectly acceptable as I'm travelling on business.It takes no longer to get ready than if I was getting out of my car and putting a jacket on. That is not a valid argument against bikes for business.
Ian Gloucester

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I must point out that the views expressed on this forum are those of individual contributors, not RSGB. I can assure you that RSGB is not 'anti PTW'.
Nick Rawlings, editor, Road Safety News

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@Ian Gloucester: How much time does it take to dress and undress for every motorcycle journey?
David, Suffolk

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How much time is wasted in stationary traffic on Motorways and A roads? To those of us in the Private Sector time = money. I travel 25k plus miles per annum with my own business, PTW make perfect sense. Why is this RSGB so anti PTW?
Ian Gloucester

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Wow, 4 BMW riders assessing the danger of potholes and motorcyclists as well...highway liaison? Are they volunteers unpaid or what? However, a county with some common sense. I would gladly do that job free of charge for my local authority. The down side is they won't have enough money.
bob craven Lancs

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Worcestershire County Council has been running 4 BMW R1200GS motorcyclists as Highways Liaison inspectors for the past 7 years dealing with public based highways related reports. They cover all of Worcestershire and visit and assess potholes etc. and initiate a rapid response repair etc.
Nige Murray

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Don't forget the biggest organisation that uses twv - Dominoes. Doing its bit for unemployed youth on L plates. And of course couriers.
bob craven Lancs

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Apart from motorcycle taxis, companies needing to deliver fast food, and the emergency services mentioned in the article, I am struggling to come up with businesses that would benefit from running two-wheeled fleets. As for high fuel economy and low running costs - have they tried running a large motorcycle?
David, Suffolk

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