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Overseas drivers escape speeding fines

Wednesday 8th October 2014

A FOI request to police forces has revealed that drivers from other countries have “escaped” 23,295 speeding offences since January 2013, according to the IAM.

The FOI request asked how many foreign vehicles had been caught by speed cameras across England and Wales. The IAM says that as these vehicles are not registered with the DVLA, the speeding offences are not pursued.

The highest number of speeding offences by vehicles registered in other countries were recorded in the Thames Valley (3,580), Merseyside (2,477), Warwickshire (2,152), Gwent (2,090) and Kent (1,954) police force areas.

Neil Greig, IAM director of policy and research, said: “The high numbers of overseas speeders on our roads show how important it is that the UK joins up with the rest of Europe to harmonise motoring offences and give the police extra powers to pursue dangerous drivers.

“Progress on this issue has been very slow and in the meantime thousands of drivers are avoiding fines and bans simply because their cars cannot be easily traced.”


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