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Online resource focuses on hazard perception

Monday 6th October 2014

Go Safe Glasgow has launched a new online resource in a bid to improve the safety of the city’s cyclists.

Cycle Aware is a new interactive driver and rider training programme developed to “increase awareness and respect for all of those who drive or ride on roads, and consequently reduce casualties in the city”.

Designed to improve road users' perception of hazards, Cycle Aware comprises more than 200 narrated film clips, accompanied by 100 multiple-choice questions aimed at five different types of road users. People can choose the role of cyclist or car, taxi, bus or lorry driver, then take the 30-minute interactive course.

Frank McAveety, convener of Glasgow City Council's environment committee, said: "It's important cyclists and other road users have a clear understanding of their responsibilities on the road and how they respond to the actions of others.

“It is hoped by highlighting and demonstrating how accidents occur, we can promote a safer shared road space.”

Mr McMveety said that the council's road safety team will visit every business across the city as part of Cycle Aware and the ‘Drive Safe, It's Your Business’ initiative.


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The way the BBC broadcast precisely the same recordings, in the early hours, night after night after night, is an insult to license payers as well as being an invitation to find a brick and throw it. I wonder whether they might be persuaded to substitute the wealth of road safety videos that are now available, so that they reach a far larger audience?
Idris Francis Fight Back With Facts Petersfield

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