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Road safety teams encouraged to gear up for CCL course

Thursday 18th September 2014

Road Safety GB is encouraging local authority road safety teams to become providers of a two-day course designed to help driving instructors to develop a ‘client centred learning’ (CCL) approach.

In April 2014, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) introduced a new Standards Check for driving instructors, as part of a series of changes aimed at modernising the driver training industry.

Under the new system, driving instructors are assessed on their ability to deliver a CCL approach, which looks to develop a driver’s ability to self-evaluate their own performance by using a number of educational approaches. 

All qualified instructors are checked at least once every four years to ensure they continue to meet the required standards. ‘A’ grade indicates a high standard of instruction; ‘B’ grade indicates a sufficient level of competence, while ‘Fail’ indicate an unsatisfactory performance.

Working in partnership with eDriving Solutions, Road Safety GB has developed a two-day course to help driving instructors to develop these vital CCL skills. The course must be delivered by a driving instructor. 

Ian Edwards, from eDriving Solutions, said: “According to the DVSA, 13% of instructors who have completed the new Standards Check have failed, while 53% have achieved ‘B grade’ and just 22% ‘A’ grade.”    

Alan Kennedy, Road Safety GB business and operations manager, said: “Durham County Council’s road safety team has recently delivered the first CCL course to instructors, and North Yorkshire’s course, which runs later this month, is already fully subscribed.”

Road Safety GB is inviting road safety teams to send a representative to attend a two-day ‘train the trainer’ course in Buckinghamshire on 15-16 October.  To find out more, or register to attend, contact Dave Parkin at eDriving Solutions.

Visit the Members' area to download the CCL information leaflet.


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There is no scientific research to show that CCL is any better than traditional tuition.
DVSA and TRL ran a two year research project into CCL and produced inconclusive results.
David Hickenbotham, Lincolnshire

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Different instructors will wish, or will need, to develop themselves across a wide spectrum of skills and abilities. All the Road Safety GB Academy can do is offer high quality courses.
Ian Edwards

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What we ought to be doing is raising the lamentable driving standards of some ADIs, and then working on how they deliver their training. This is putting the cart before the horse.
David, Suffolk

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