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Children wear tattoos to help keep them safe

Tuesday 9th September 2014

Preschool children in County Mayo in Ireland are wearing tattoos to remind their parents to ‘Belt Me Up Every Time’.

Noel Gibbons, Mayo’s road safety officer, said that children, especially those under five, cannot be responsible for keeping themselves safe.

Noel Gibbons said: “Children from local preschools and childcare centres are learning about the importance of seatbelt wearing and road safety over the coming weeks, and they will go home wearing tattoos reminding parents to buckle them up safely before they set off on their journey.”

Noel Gibbons says the initiative is effective because “teachers tell children and children then tell parents what they have learned”. He adds that children love tattoos which are a temporary visual reminder to parents to always ensure children travel safely.

The campaign has the support of the local Gardai (police) who will concentrate on non-seatbelt wearing over the next few weeks.


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A novel and probably quite effective way of getting a message across to parents/drivers. Pity it's so specific though - why not a more general safe driving message "Think of me when you're driving" or something similar?
Hugh Jones, Cheshire

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