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New date for National Motorcycle Safety Seminar

Tuesday 2nd September 2014

The National Motorcycle Safety Seminar, which was originally scheduled to take place in August, has been rescheduled for 11 November 2014.

The one-day workshop is free to attend and will take place at Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service’s Training & Development Centre in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. It is being organised by Tony Smith, road safety coordinator for Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service.

The event is described as an opportunity to share best practice and will cover current strategy and how it can be improved.

Confirmed speakers include: Lawrence Pater and Mark Burgess from Kent F&RS who will give an overview of Biker Down; Matt Staton from Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Road Safety Partnership who will present the TWIST bikers’ publicity campaign; the DfT’s Victoria Judd who will outline the THINK! Bike campaign; and Kevin Williams who will look at the psychology of motorcyclists.

The event is intended for all Fire Bike riders, road safety professionals and others with an interest in improving the safety of motorcyclists.

For more information or to register to attend contact Tony Smith by email, or call him on 07967 715 143.


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There will be very little reiteration of existing policies and I strongly recommend that anybody with even a passing interest in how we might reduce the number of motorcycle accidents should attend.
Duncan MacKillop, Stratford on Avon

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It is more likely that they will be reiterating what we already are aware of with existing policies and endeavours. Finally and hopefully they may be introducing new measures or policies that may reduce the KSIs and accident rates that motorcyclists suffer. How about segregation of motorcycles within specifically designated new lanes through busy town traffic? I am sure that should it become a possibility a lot of people would be encouraged to travel to and from work on powered two wheeled vehicles and that would be good for saving the planet.
bob craven Lancs

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This is going to be a great opportunity to pick up on some really interesting new ideas.
Duncan MacKillop, Startford on Avon

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