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Parents asked to make ‘Parking Promise’

Tuesday 26th August 2014

Parents and carers in County Mayo in Ireland are being asked to support a new campaign designed to tackle inappropriate and illegal parking around schools.

The Parents’ Parking Promise encourages parents and carers to park responsibly around schools or consider using other modes of transport - such as walking, cycling or bus – for the journey to and from school.

The promise asks drivers not to park on zig zag or double yellow lines or pavements, but instead to “park carefully and considerately”.

In return for completing the Parking Promise pledge, drivers receive a badge for their car which demonstrates their commitment to responsible parking.

Noel Gibbons, Mayo’s road safety officer, said: "Many local schools and residents are suffering with parking problems and we're asking motorists to be more mindful when parking even for a short period of time.

"Set down areas are outside schools for a very good reason. They're there to keep pupils safe by creating a sight line that enables them to see and be seen before crossing the road.

"The majority of drivers do take notice of these markings and behave responsibly - but there is also a persistent and thoughtless minority who ignore these restrictions for their own selfish convenience.

"These people continue to use restricted zones when dropping off and collecting children just to save themselves what amounts to seconds of their time."


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Do I take it that those first 2 who disagree with my suggestion don't want to see children safely to school as opposed to having to find every nook and cranny and willy nilly stopping place somewhere nearby in order to drop their offspring off. Perhaps those two persons who disagree may wish to put forward an idea of their own or another alternative solution. I know of one junior school on a narrow road which did build a car park some 4 years ago and they say it was the best thing they ever did and has had no problems since.
bob craven Lancs

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It may be of value for Local Authorities in the future to make provision for the dropping off and picking up of children attending schools. A local car park could be used or one built primarily for the stopping and dropping off in a safe environment. Several new schools in Blackpool have been built recently but no such provision has been made and that creates a dangerous problem twice daily. Something all LA could do something about.
bob craven Lancs

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