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AA poll reveals top causes of in-car arguments

Friday 15th August 2014

Getting from A to B is the issue that causes the most in-car arguments, according to a survey of 23,000 AA members.

The proverbial issue of knowing, or not knowing the route, comes out as top cause of arguments in the car, with not stopping to ask for directions coming in third.

In second place is driving too fast, for all age groups except 35-44yrs. For these car occupants, noisy children in the back are the second biggest issue likely to cause an argument.

The survey found that overall 65% of respondents admitted to arguing in the car, with younger motorists (73%) most likely to do so and the over 65s least likely to row (60%).  Regionally, drivers from Northern Ireland get hottest under the collar.

The poll found that more women than men say they argue about directions, while men say their passengers are more likely to argue about how fast they are driving.

The top 10 causes of arguments in cars, as identified by the poll, are:

• Knowing the way to go
• Driving too fast
• Not asking for directions
• Noisy children
• Shouting at other drivers
• Temperature in the car
• Not agreeing on where to eat
• Not agreeing on what to listen to
• Topic of conversation
• Driving too slowly



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The top three can be addressed with a good Sat Nav... with a poor Sat Nav it can result in the driver arguing with the Sat Nav ;-)
Mark, Caerphilly

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