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Brake condemns HGV speed limit increase

Friday 25th July 2014

Brake, the road safety charity, has expressed “serious concerns” about plans announced yesterday (24 July) to raise the speed limit for lorries on single carriageway roads to 50mph.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive for Brake, said: "We are disappointed and concerned by this announcement.

“When vehicles travel faster, it takes them longer to stop, increasing risk. It is very well evidenced that increases in speed equal increases in crashes and casualties.

“At the same time, the road safety justification for this move is dubious: we are not aware of evidence it will help tackle risky overtaking, which should be addressed through other means.

“Pronounced speed differences between traffic can pose a risk, but the way to address this is by preventing car drivers going too fast, not speeding trucks up. The minister says she wants to get the country moving, but we ask at what cost to road users and the environment?"


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The overtaking risk will either be reduced as the HGV is driving up to the limit on a 50 mph road and the danger remains the same for it doing 50 in a 60 limit as its on a dual carriageway. I just hope they do not allow them to overtake each other on a dual carriageway otherwise there will be a rolling road block. It's no different to overtaking a coach or vehicle pulling a trailer. Nothing new there.
bob craven Lancs

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0 is it known that "75% of HGVs travel in excess of the 40mph speed limit"? You'd be struggling to find a road where even this percentage of cars exceed the speed limit.
Hugh Jones, Cheshire

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HGV vehicles account for 52% of motorway accidents, whilst they only represent 10% of vehicles on motorways. The number of HGVS involved in fatal accidents is on the increase. Is it safe for these people to drive at speeds in excess of 50mph on rural roads? I say that because I assume the ACPO guidelines will be applied meaning these vehicles can travel up to 57mph. Currently in the north Cotswolds over 75% of HGV vehicles travel in excess of the 40mph speed limit.

The increase in the speed limit will encourage HGV vehicles to travel at higher speeds, car driver will still want to overtake them and this will create a higher risk of high speed accidents.
Peter Hellyar North Cotswolds

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