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DVSA publishes response to ADI consultation

Monday 21st July 2014

The DVSA has published its interim response to its consultation regarding ‘modernising driver training’ and the introduction of a simpler grading structure for approved driving instructors which came into effect on 7 April.

The DVSA received 1,679 responses to the consultation, and has summarized the actions its intends to take which include helping ADIs to publish and publicise their grade.

The DVSA will also look at the “options for replacing the ADI part 3 test with one that uses the same criteria and marking system as the ADI standards check”.

It will also continue to look at the possibility of introducing a vocational qualification for ADIs and start work on an online booking service for the ADI standards checks.

The DVSA says it will consult separately about “changing the ADI fee structure”.



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I would have liked to participate in the survey but was only made aware of it by reading a motoring magazine. The same comment applies to a survey underway (I believe) reference driver less vehicles, this I cannot find on either or the DfT site. Simplicity and ease of communication are the key words to ensure the public takes part in surveys, pity they are not used.
D Smith. Birmingham

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