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New guide provides advice for parents of young drivers

Wednesday 16th July 2014

Road Safety Scotland has published a new guide for parents and guardians which gives information to help keep teenagers safe as they learn to drive.

The guide contains practical advice and outlines the road safety benefits of the parent/guardian role in helping young people to stay safe before, during and after the driver training and testing process. 

It also highlights various insurance products that are available and the benefits of Graduated Driver Licencing (GDL). The Scottish Government is calling for the UK Government to consider proposals for a GDL scheme, or transfer powers to Scotland.

Keith Brown, transport minister, said: “There are significant challenges facing us in respect of young and inexperienced drivers’ safety on the roads of Scotland and, hopefully, this guide will provide helpful potentially life-saving advice to parents and guardians of young drivers.

“The Scottish Parliament recently gave its backing for GDL and I will continue to call on the UK Government to take action on this important issue.

The guide can be downloaded from the Road Safety Scotland website.




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