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Pupils' music video asks parents ‘Don't Park Here’

Wednesday 11th June 2014

Hundreds of Cambridgeshire pupils are the stars of a film and song designed to encourage parents and carers not to park inappropriately outside schools.

Cambridgeshire’s road safety team has launched the song, ‘Don’t Park Here’, to help improve safety outside school gates and get more people walking or cycling.

Matt Staton, Cambridgeshire’s lead road safety officer, said: “Parking issues are probably the most common concern schools raised with us, particularly when it comes to encouraging walking and cycling.

“In terms of public health there are two areas of concern: firstly, the risk of harm from being involved in an accident, but also the knock-on effect on the children’s physical activity levels, potentially contributing to increased child obesity.

“The film by itself will not solve the parking problems that we have outside so many of our schools, but we hope this new and different approach will help to encourage those who do park irresponsibly to think again.”


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I'm normally a little sceptical about things like this, but take a listen - it's actually a very good song and production and it's hard to ignore the actual message.
If parents hear it a couple of times it could become catchy enough to actually be effective.
Hugh Jones, Cheshire

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