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‘Fatal Attraction’ warning for north east footy fans

Tuesday 10th June 2014

Football fans across north east England are being urged to leave their car keys behind when enjoying matches with a few drinks, and to consider the “morning after” factor which can result in drivers still being over the limit the next day.

The message is being delivered by Road Safety GB North East region through its ‘Fatal Attraction’ campaign.

Paul Watson, chair of Road Safety GB North East, said: “Football fans are excited by the tournament and the party atmosphere it brings. It is normal for people to celebrate and have a few drinks and we don’t want to stop that, but we want to make sure that people are fully aware of the consequences of drinking too much.

“Given that all of the World Cup games are being screened from early evening into the early hours, it is inevitable that people are going to be drinking more at night.

“People need to leave their car keys at home and either walk home or take public transport. They also need to think about how much they are drinking and what their plans are for the next morning. It is easy for people to be still over the limit when they have to drive to work or take the kids on the school run.

“Alcohol can stay in the body for many hours after a few drinks and a few hours sleep and a hearty breakfast won’t change that.

“We want people to remember this World Cup for all of the right reasons and not because of the consequences of drink driving.”


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