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New devices provide WiFi connectivity to cars

Thursday 22nd May 2014

The mobile provider EE has unveiled a series of devices which will provide 4G WiFi connectivity to cars.

The three devices - Buzzard, Ospray and Kite - all plug into a car’s power socket “to enable the passengers to connect their mobile phones, tablets or computers to the portable WiFi network”.

EE says the Buzzard is aimed at families, while Kite targets “more demanding users among frequently travelling professionals”, and Ospray is designed to appeal to younger people. 

EE has also unveiled plans to improve 4G coverage on roads and railways.

EE spokesperson Pippa Dunn said: "We're trying to open up the car as a place where you can experience connectivity, principally for parents with children who are currently squabbling over an iPad and watching a video on the back seat.

"Opening up all of those roads and railways actually gives us a huge new opportunity and so we're going to launch a whole series of new devices and data plans that basically take advantage of these new opportunities."



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Nothing more complex or distracting than a normal radio should be allowed in cars. In any case and like many people I know, I find reading in a moving car promotes car sickness.
Idris Francis Fight Back With Facts Petersfield

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Another frightening development. Whilst agreeing with the comment made below the more important issue is that we are now giving the driver the opportunity to access the wrong kind of information on ipads etc whilst driving and even if not themselves the passenger will be able to watch a screen which will attract the eyes of the driver. I think we should all be a bit concerned.
Graham Feest AIRSO

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Another aspect of modern technology that means parents will not have to take responsibility for their children or give them the attention they may require. I guess someone will suggest that it allows the driver to concentrate on their driving more.

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