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Poster campaign urges drivers to consider riders’ safety

Wednesday 30th April 2014

A poster and billboard campaign across North Yorkshire is urging motorists to drive with the safety of cyclists and PTW riders in mind.

North Yorkshire County Council and North Yorkshire Police have launched a ‘Think! Bike’ campaign with posters and hoardings displayed in urban areas and along popular cycling and motorcycling routes. The campaign will run throughout May and June.

The campaign comes in the wake of a 60% increase in road fatalities across North Yorkshire in 2013; the total of 51 deaths in the county was the highest in seven years. The number of motorcyclists killed increased from five in 2012 to 16 in 2013. There has also been an upward trend in cyclist casualties over the last 10 years, with the number killed or seriously injured rising from 47 in 2012 to 52 in 2013.

With more cyclists expected to take to North Yorkshire’s roads in the run-up to the Tour de France Grand Depart this summer, the council’s road safety team and police are running this cyclist and biker awareness campaign in a bid to get motorists to drive with consideration for other road users, especially before turning or changing direction.

Deputy chief constable Tim Madgwick, North Yorkshire Police, said: “We are urging drivers, motorcyclists and people riding pedal cycles to pay attention, not only to their own behaviour, but also make themselves alert to other people using the roads.

“Vulnerable road users such as cyclists and motorcyclists should also ensure that they have the most appropriate protective and highly visible clothing and equipment.”


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About this campaign - shouldn't we turn it round so that cyclists should have mirrors as well? The majority don't. A mirror might help save their lives.
Bob Craven Lancs

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