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Stats show slight drop in cycling

Wednesday 30th April 2014

There was a slight reduction in the number of people cycling in England in the 12 months to October 2013, according to statistics published by the DfT.

The DfT stats show that across England, 14.7% of adults cycled at least once a month – down from 15.3% during the previous 12-month period.

The DfT says that, “although the change is small, the size of the sample means that we can be confident that this decrease exists in the whole of the English population”.

The DfT publication, ‘Cycling and walking statistics in England’, presents a range of statistics on walking and cycling in England by adults aged 16 and over. It includes proportions of the population who walk or cycle at different frequencies, and whether they were cycling for recreational or utility purposes.

The statistics show that about 87% of adults in England walked or cycled at least once a month in the 12-month period, and about 86% walked once per month.

About 10% of people cycle recreationally, and 7% cycle for utility purposes (commuting, shopping, visiting friends etc).

43% walked for at least 10 minutes at least once per week recreationally, and 47% did so for utility purposes.


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Is this worth reporting? A 4% change over 1 year is of no statistical significance.
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