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More than 10,000 new drivers had licences revoked in 2012: Newsbeat

Thursday 17th April 2014

A Freedom of Information request to the DVLA found that 10,797 drivers with less than two years' experience had their driving licences revoked in 2012, according to the BBC’s Newsbeat programme.

However, the number of new drivers losing their licence has fallen by 13% since 2010 - from 12,461.

If a driver receives six or more points within the first two years of driving they have to retake their driving tests.

The most common causes for accumulating points were driving without insurance (5,920) and speeding (2,139). Less than 1% of licences were revoked as a result of driving under the influence of drink or drugs.

Talking to Newsbeat, Scott Pendry of the Association of British Insurers (ABI), said: "Due to advances in technology, people driving uninsured are being identified in a much better way. If they are not on the central database showing they are insured, they will face severe ramifications.”

The Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) says its research suggests the number of uninsured drivers is falling. It estimates that in 2009 one in six drivers did not have basic cover, but now the figure is about one in 17. The MIB suggests that the drop could in part be due to the introduction of more innovative insurance products for young drivers.






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