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Biker safety campaign launched in mid Wales

Thursday 20th March 2014

A campaign to improve the safety of motorcyclists has been launched across Powys in Wales.

The campaign comprises 150 ‘ride safely’ information posters placed on roads around Powys. It has been developed by Powys County Council with funding from the Welsh Government.

The dual-purpose posters are designed to act as a reminder to motorcyclists and also to highlight the presence of motorcyclists to other road users. 

The posters also have a grid reference sticker and location marker on the back to help identify the exact location if a motorcyclist is involved in a collision or breakdown.

The 12-figure grid reference can be given to the emergency services control room, together with a description of the road number and route. The stickers have assisted the emergency services with five collisions in the past 12 months.

Sarah Morris, Powys Council’s senior road safety officer, said: “Even though the number of fatal collisions has decreased overall in recent years, motorcyclists remain one of the most vulnerable road users.

“We hope that the grid reference stickers will continue to be successful by assisting the emergency services to arrive at the exact location of the collision within the golden hour. This could make the difference between a serious and fatal collision.”

For more information contact Powys’ Road Safety Unit on 0845 602 7035. 


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I like the bit of negativity, or should I say irony, where there is a place reference on the rear of the poster..... just in case there is a motorcycle accident there. Maybe the accidents reported at those sites were caused by riders looking at them and taking their eyes off the road ahead? I complained a couple of years ago about a similar sign at a junction as it completely obscured vision of any oncoming traffic on the main road to the right of that junction. It was subsequently removed to a safer and less obstructive place.
bob craven Lancs

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