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DVSA introduces changes to ADI grading system

Monday 17th March 2014

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is introducing a “simpler and clearer grading structure for instructors” in a bid to help learners and their parents identify the best instructors.

All qualified driving instructors are checked at least once every four years to ensure they continue to meet the required standards. From 7 April, when instructors are assessed they will be given one of three grades rather than one of six grades as at present.

‘A’ grade  (85% or over) will indicate an overall high standard of instruction. ‘B’ grade  (60% or over) will indicate a sufficient level of competence, while ‘Fail’ (less than 60%) will indicate an unsatisfactory performance.

If an instructor receives a fail grade they can be assessed again within 12 weeks to see if their level of tuition has improved to meet the standards. Instructors who fail three times consecutively can be removed from the register of approved driving instructors.

DVSA says the move is part of a series of changes aimed at modernising the driver training industry.

Alastair Peoples, DVSA chief executive, said: “The new standards check will enable qualified driving instructors to better demonstrate their competence to deliver effective training. 

“Most driving instructors are grade 4 on the current structure, which means that they have demonstrated sufficient competence to remain on the register. 

“I want all instructors to strive to achieve the new A grade.  I also want to work with the industry to identify ways that we can help top grade instructors to promote the higher level of competence that they have worked hard to achieve.”

Click here to read the full DVSA news release.



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Not a lot of difference to the old system if we are honest. If they are going to 'modernise the driver training industry', why not ensure that learners are taught how to overtake safely, corner on rural roads, etc., instead of persisting with daft manoeuvres?
David, Suffolk

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Why is the DSA Examiner sitting behind the driver? It is also depicted wrong on their own website.

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