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Irish RSO launches cycle helmet campaign

Wednesday 19th February 2014

Mayo Council’s road safety officer has launched a campaign to encourage all cyclists to wear a safety helmet, which includes a short video clip showing the correct way to wear a helmet.

Noel Gibbons, Mayo’s RSO, says Irish cyclists top the EU league of helmet wearers. European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) figures show that 40% of Irish cyclists wear a helmet, followed by those in Switzerland (38%) and Austria (35%).

The campaign, Reduce the Risk, says that wearing a bicycle helmet is a key component of bike safety, and it is important to choose a helmet that fits correctly and is comfortable. The video clip features a cycling and triathlon coach showing how to properly adjust the chinstrap.

Mayo Council has written to all schools and academies across the county asking them to adopt a policy where all cyclists arriving at school, including teachers and support staff, are encouraged to wear a helmet.

Noel Gibbons said: "Many schools and cycle clubs already have a 'rule', some have written policies pertaining to the wearing of cycle helmets.

"We hope this initiative goes some way to getting more people to wear safety equipment, including hi-vis clothing. It’s not good enough alone to wear a helmet, but to wear it correctly, and this video clip explains how to do this."

For more information contact Noel Gibbons on 08778 70055.



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It would appear that some people in Mayo are obsessed with cycle helmets, and the previous campaign used disturbing images to promote helmets

My comments on that campaign apply equally to this one: nowhere with a massive rise in helmet wearing can show any reduction in risk to cyclists and the biggest ever research project found an increase in risk with helmet wearing.

Sir Chris Boardman, spokesman for British Cycling summed it up rather well
Richard Burton, Bristol

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"wearing a bicycle helmet is a key component of bike safety"

Wearing a helmet doesn't make you 'safe' ... not having distracted drivers in heavy motor vehicles rushing past you at minimal distance just might help though, as would enforcement of existing traffic laws.
Mike, Sussex

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Oh dear - Mark Twain said the one should beware of any enterprise which required the purchase of new clothes. I'd refer Mr Gibbons to the recent words of British Cycling's high profile spokesman to the effect that helmets are a red herring and do nothing - or worse have a negative effect on cycling and cycle safety.
Dave H - Glasgow

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