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BBC show highlights HGV high wind dangers

Monday 17th February 2014

A topical road safety story developed during the Stephen Nolan show* on BBC 5 Live on Friday evening (14/2) when an HGV driver rang in to say how terrified he was driving a high sided vehicle in strong winds.

Within minutes several other drivers had called in to back up what the first caller was saying. 

The drivers all said that driving a high sided vehicle in very high winds is a danger not only to themselves but also to other road users, should their vehicles get blown over. They also pointed out that the danger is much greater when an HGV is being driven empty without a load to add weight.

The drivers said there is no legislation or real guidance as to when they should stop driving in high winds, and many said they feel under pressure from their employers to continue whatever the conditions.

A spokesperson for the Road Haulage Association (RHA) said it was down to the driver’s discretion to decide when conditions were too dangerous to continue with their journey – but several of the drivers repeated their claim that they felt pressurised into continuing whatever the conditions. Some said that if they refused to drive, the company would find another driver who would be willing to do so.

Click here to listen to the programme on iPlayer – it will be available until Friday 21 February.

Footnote: The Stephen Nolan programme covers the day’s main news programmes, topical debate and interviews. It is broadcast Friday to Sunday evenings, 10.00pm – 1.00am.



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