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UK Road Safety Week planning underway

Wednesday 5th February 2014

Planning is now underway for UK Road Safety Week 2014 which will be held 9-15 June 2014.

The week is being coordinated by CFOA in partnership with key road safety stakeholders including Road Safety GB, ACPO, DfT, Highways Agency and Brake.

The theme for 2014 is ‘Be safe out there’ which is intended to give stakeholders sufficient flexibility to deliver a range of themed events based on national or local trends. Target groups for the campaign include pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and young drivers.

The week coincides with Brake’s annual Walking Bus event for primary schools which is taking place on Wednesday 11 June.

Martin Dowle, vice chair of the CFOA Road Safety Executive Board, said: “We are encouraging each partner to be responsible for their own campaign, including marketing and evaluation. This will allow each road safety organisation to deploy best practice as they have done over a number of years.

“This national event gives us an opportunity to deliver something really positive across the UK with regard to road safety.”

For more information about UK Road Safety Week 2014 contact Rebecca Wallis (01827 302313) or Katie Cornhill (07918 887857) at CFOA.

Footnote: UK Road Safety Week is a separate event to Brake's annual Road Safety Week which was established in 1997 and this year will be held 17-23 November 2014.



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Perhaps we could have a "driving bus".

This is where drivers who are fearful of being run over by pedestrians can use the "safety in numbers" that goes with such a "driving bus". Simple requirements are that each driver should cover their car with flourescent material. I know they spent a lot of money on distinctive paintwork but is best to "be seen" rather than "be cool". Then they cautiously come out of their drives and wait patiently until the driving bus comes along. Then they tag on to the back of the driving bus and wind their way through the housing estates gradually picking up more drivers.

Of course they must stop at every junction, even if they are driving along a main road. We all know that this takes much longer but it really is so much safer to be in a driving bus than taking the direct route to work. Once at work they have to gradually get out of the queue, remove all their flourescent covers and enter the building.

Hmmmm, thinking about it I can see why we only impose this on children wishing to walk and not adults wanting to drive?
Rod King, 20's Plenty for Us

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