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Head 'names and shames' illegal parkers

Tuesday 28th January 2014

The registration numbers of vehicles parked illegally outside a primary school in Northampton are being displayed on the school’s gates (BBC News).

The head teacher of Vernon Terrace Primary School, Jackie Lapsa, appeared on the BBC’s Inside Out East programme to highlight the issue. 

The school is in a narrow street with residents' parking on both sides, and Ms Lapsa told BBC Inside Out East she had witnessed many "near misses".

Ms Lapsa told BBC News that the details had been shown to police but "no agencies seem to want to do anything about it". She also said she had tried talking to parents, but some ignored her or were "downright rude".

She said: "I'm very passionate about it because I'm really worried that a child or an adult is going to get knocked over and seriously hurt."

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said the force dedicated a lot of officer time to providing a presence at the school at key times.

Sergeant Rod Williams from the force said: "Officers move on anyone who parks inappropriately and will issue tickets when it is proportionate to do so."

Click here to read the full BBC News report.




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Can't see any zig zag lines denoting no parking outside this school and no signs indicating that parking is illegal, so why can't the drivers of motor vehicles park there? Even if there were zig zag no waiting lines painted on the road and no signage then any person can still park without any offences being committed.
Bob craven Lancs

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