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Training session includes examples of how not to do it

Monday 20th January 2014

The cycle training company Cycle Experience used examples of how not to do it while training 60 National Grid employees.

The one day theory and practical cycling course included a session observing road users during which participants saw a cyclist riding with no hands on the handlebars around one of London’s busiest roundabouts. Another rider headed at speed towards traffic on the wrong side of the road using a three-lane exit route on one of London’s most traffic clogged road junctions.

Jon Pook from Cycle Experience said: “Observing how road users interact with each other is a very good way of showing people how not to do it.

“Untrained cyclists rarely look over their shoulders to see what is going on behind them.

“Most people who take the bike to work are experienced cyclists who may not have considered the benefits of training. We aim to teach them how to stay safe in towns and cities by developing a safe riding strategy.”

One of the participants, Antonia Dennis, said: “The practical session provided real live examples of how everyone can make their own cycling safer.

“It was a really good idea to watch traffic at a busy roundabout. I was quite surprised by the lack of communication between driver and cyclist. It’s certainly an eye opener to watch cyclists interact with drivers, or not in some cases.”

Cycle Experience, which is part of the TTC Group, operates across the UK with a head office in St Albans and nine regional co-ordinators. Its clients include BT, IBM, Zurich, EON, Next, Capita, BBC, London Fire Brigade and AA.

For more information contact Nick Moon from Cycle Experience on 0845 434 8451.


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