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Sofia's Diary delivers safety message

Monday 8th June 2009

 TfL has teamed up with the producers of the online drama ‘Sofia’s Diary’ to reach to young people via the social network Bebo.

Sofia’s diary is a popular series broadcast on Bebo, which recorded five million viewers in two weeks when the drama launched last year.

The new series, which will run for 10 weeks, features a road safety storyline in which Sofia re-evaluates her attitude to road safety after the issue enters her life.

Sofia’s Diary storyline is the latest phase of TfL’s teen road safety campaign, ‘Think! Look out for your mates’.

Click here
to view Sofia’s Diary or for more information contact the TfL press office on 0845 604 4141.


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Think it's a really good idea to use this sort of media. My only comment on this particular story is that Scratch leaping into the road like that looks entirely natural for him. I can imagine some young people thinking "Yes, that's us. Unlucky, man!" at what happens. However maybe we have to come to terms with the fact we can't get everyone with one approach.I think the quality and professionalism of the production is impressive. I also think this sort of social marketing will become more and more important. Well done TfL for moving with the times!
Mandy Rigault. Oxford.

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