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DriverMetrics releases driver safety e-book

Wednesday 8th January 2014

DriverMetrics® has published a free e-book to help businesses to implement behavior based driver training. 

DriverMetrics®, which was set up to enable organisations to benefit from research into driver behaviour conducted at Cranfield University, works with hundreds of organisations to deliver an evidence based approach to reducing driver risk. DriverMetrics® offers a range of training interventions designed to mitigage the behavioural risk factors identified, including e-learning, driver workshops and in-car training.

Authored by driver behaviour expert, Dr Lisa Dorn, the free e-book ‘How to Implement a Behaviour Based Driver Safety Programme’ provides fleet managers, health and safety executives and others interested in improving occupational road safety, with a step by step plan to aid the implementation of a driver safety programme that focuses the on the key contributing factor in over 90% of crashes – the driver.

Topics covered in the book include: safety goals and leadership; reviewing driver safety systems and policies; behaviour based driver risk assessment; implementing a behaviour change programme; and fleet safety performance and evaluation.

In a foreword written for the book, Adrian Walsh, director of Driving for Better Business said: “Businesses which invest in the management of their drivers reap the benefits of improved productivity, and reduced costs. 

“This e-book examines the way that drivers behave and explores how a business can influence this behaviour and above all improve efficiency.”

Click here to download the book.



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