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Trafford MP wins Brake’s monthly road safety award

Friday 3rd January 2014

Brake has recognised Kate Green (right in pic), MP for Stretford and Urmston, for her campaign for safer roads in her constituency.

Kate Green launched her Safer Trafford Streets campaign in January 2013 in response to the concerns of local residents who said they did not feel safe walking and cycling in their own neighbourhoods, and who had also raised concerns about unsafe parking and inconsiderate road use.

Ms Green asked local residents what the biggest problems were and drew up a list of dangerous roads and speeding hotspots which she presented to Trafford Council. She also held a number of ‘walkabouts' with residents to see the hazards for herself.

According to Brake, Ms Green found the top concern for residents was speeding, with “widespread support” for 20mph limits in residential neighbourhoods and outside schools.

Trafford Council debated road safety in July 2013 to address the concerns highlighted in Ms Green's consultation with residents. She pressed Trafford Council in October 2013 to address the dangers on roads around a primary school in Stretford, and continues to back campaigns for 20mph limits on residential roads.

Ms Green has also raised the subject of road safety in Parliament; in September 2013 she spoke up for local cyclists from Trafford Cycle Forum, asking for more local powers to improve cycling facilities.

Julie Townsend, Brake deputy chief executive, said: "Kate has long demonstrated an outstanding commitment to road safety, and is consistently responsive to the concerns of local residents.

“Brake shares Kate's vision of communities where people can walk and cycle safely, without fear or threat of being knocked down and hurt.

“We are delighted to recognise Kate's tireless and impressive campaigning with this award and wish her all the best with her ongoing work towards safer streets."

Kate Green said: "I'm proud and delighted to win Brake's award and would like to thank the charity for all the help they've offered me in my road safety campaigning over the past year.

"I know that road safety is an issue that local people care deeply about, and I'm looking forward to taking the campaign for Safer Trafford Streets forward in 2014."


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