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SCP prosecution sends message to drivers

Tuesday 17th December 2013

A prosecution by Bath & North East Somerset Council of a driver who failed to stop for a school crossing patrol (SCP) is being highlighted as an example of the penalties that could be faced by others who ignore them.

The driver, an 18 year old woman, was fined £250 plus costs and given six penalty points for driving without due care and attention.

The driver stopped on the crossing narrowly missing the patrol, despite hazard warning signs and flashing lights on all approaches. 

Councillor Caroline Roberts, cabinet member for transport, said: “It is really important that drivers observe the SCP rules.

“Bath & North East Somerset Council’s patrols operate to ensure that pupils and parents can cross the road safely. The lollipop must be obeyed and this case sends a clear message to drivers who think that they can get away with failing to stop.”

The Council also thanked witnesses who came forward and gave the statements which enabled the authorities to take the case to court.

For more information contact Beryl Miles, SCP co-ordinator at Bath & North East Somerset Council, on 01225 394922.


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Bob - the law changed with the Transport Act 2000 section 270, which amended RTRA84 to remove time limits and age restrictions.
David S

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Well done. Now can anyone tell me has the law changed and can a SCP stop traffic to allow teachers or other any other pedestrians who are without children, can they stop traffic to enable them to cross, or do they only function lawfully when enabling children with adults present to cross. I know originally they couldn't stop traffic unless children were crossing. Has that changed?
bob craven Lancs

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Fantastic news that the Police are taking action in such a manner. It's too easy for the Police to give the driver a 'ticking off' after an event like this as some see it as not so serious. This prosecution once again highlights the daily dangers faced by the countries unsung heros. Well done Bath and NE Somerset.
Paul Hartlepool

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Well done Bath & North East Somerset Council, it's good to see the Patrol has seen a positive closure to the whole incident.
Paul Leatherbarrow

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